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Question 3 - Team & Resources

Who is in the project team and what are their roles?

In this section, using your answers from Appendix 3, you need to summarise in order to address each sub question. 

Documents Required

Detailed Questions

(Use your working document)

Question 3 Example Answer

Appendix 3 (Use your working doc)

Application Questions & Examples


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Below we have provided some frequently asked questions, so please be sure to refer to these first.

Q. Can we use a Sub-contractor from another country, but not request funds for him?
A. You can have unpaid sub-contractors from another country. You do not call them sub-contractors, you call them Advisors.

Q. Is it going to be a disadvantage if we do not have a subcontractor?
A. As long as your team has all the skills and expertise to complete the project successfully and on time, it is not a problem not having sub-contractors. (sub-contractors are optional)

Q. What is the difference between subcontractors and advisors?
A. External parties that are helping with your project are called subcontractors and advisors. The difference between them is:

  • Sub-contractors: you pay them.

  • Advisors: you do not pay them (they bring free knowledge and expertise to your project.

Q. I am trying to reduce the number of words in the team question. Do I have to put everyone in the main application?
A. Yes, you should write a brief description (shorter than in the appendix) for each team member.

Q: What is an organogram?

A: An organisational chart, also called organigram or organogram, is a diagram that shows the structure of an organisation and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.

Q: How the Organogram should look like?

A: An organogram is a diagram that shows how an organisation is structured, and how the positions in the organisation are related to each other. The three major types of organograms are hierarchical, matrix, and flat.

Q: Do I need to provide my Letters of Support/Intent with my application?

A: No, you only need to provide an extract of your Letters of Support/Intent. Hard copies are required only when the results will come out.


Q: How should Appendix-Q3: Company Organogram and Letters of Support/Intent look like?

A: Your Appendix-Q3: Company Organogram and Letters of Support/Intent should include:

  • Company description

  • Team organogram

  • Team biographies

  • Facilities & Equipment Management

  • An extract of your Letters of Support/Intent