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Question 7 - Project Management

​How will you manage the project effectively?


In this section, using your answers from Appendix 7, you need to summarise in order to address each sub question. 

Documents Required

Detailed Questions

(Use your working document)

Appendix 7

(Use your working document)

Application Questions & Examples


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Below we have provided some frequently asked questions, so please be sure to refer to these first.

Q: Do I need to mention all the packages in the main application?

A: Yes, it would be good to give a brief description of each work package in the main answer.

Q: What is a Gantt chart?

A: A Gantt chart, commonly used in project management, is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule (activities or tasks) displayed against time.

Q: What info goes to the management reporting lines “your project plan in enough detail to identify any links or dependencies between work packages or milestones”

A: State any link between the work packages or external factors. For example, when you describe work package 3 you can write something like:

  • work package 2 needs to be completed to start work package 3.

  • to complete work package 3, 100 people must complete our survey.

Q: In the Gantt chart, can the same person be in a different work package?

A: Yes

Q: How should Appendix-Q7: Full work packages and Gantt look like?

A: Your Appendix-Q7: Full work packages and Gantt should include:

  • Work Package and duration

  • Objectives

  • Key Tasks and activities

  • Milestones

  • Costs

  • Resources

  • Dependencies

  • Gantt Chart