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Question 8 - Risks

What are the main risks for this project? 

In this section, using your answers from Appendix 8, you need to summarise in order to address each sub question. 

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Detailed Questions

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Question 8 Example Answer

Appendix 8

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Application Questions & Examples


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Below we have provided some frequently asked questions, so please be sure to refer to these first.

Q: What risks out of the registry do we have to extract and include in the main file with 400 words?

A: We advise our client to insert a brief description/mitigation for each risk.

Q: I’ve added technical risks, but called them operational.

A: We suggest having both technical and operational risks. Technical risks prove the uncertainty of your project, which means your project is innovative.

Q: In the risk assessment table, what do we write in the risk owner column?

A: In the risk owner column you write the role of the person in charge of that specific risk, for example:

  • for commercial risk, you might write a commercial lead, but also project manager

  • for financial risk, you might write a financial lead

  • for technical risk, you might write a technical lead

Q: What do we write in the overall risk assessment, if our score is low?

A: We advise increasing some values a little bit to get a medium overall assessment risk. If the overall assessment is low, the assessors might think this project is not risky = innovative.

Q: How should Appendix-Q8: Risk Register look like?

A: Your Appendix-Q8: Risk Register should include:

  • Risk Category

  • Risk Description

  • Risk Impact, Likelihood, and Score

  • Risk rating

  • Risk Owner

  • Date Raised

  • Risk status

  • Mitigation